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What is Thai Massage?

Thai Massage is a wonderful integration of yoga and massage. It combines gentle stretching and graceful movements with effective pressure point techniques to ease muscular tension, improve joint mobility, increase flexibility and circulation, and improve the overall energy of each client.

Thai Massage has its roots in India's Ayurvedic medical system and traditional Chinese medicine. In their great wisdom, the ancient healers of Thailand integrated the best of these two systems to create a powerful and holistic approach to the promotion of health and well-being.

Each session is done on a comfortable floor mat and typically lasts one and a half to two hours. The client wears loose or stretchy clothing so they can receive assisted stretches comfortably. A session can be a relaxing and rejuvenating massage for the whole body or can serve to relieve a specific area of muscular tension or inflexibility.

Who can benefit from Thai Massage?

Thai Massage was developed to help relieve the symptoms associated with blocked energy. These symptoms can include muscular tension and inflexibility, joint aches, digestive problems, sleep disturbance and emotional stress. Just about anyone dealing with these symptoms can benefit from Thai Massage especially:

- Physically active people who are building muscle mass but not stretching sufficiently or are experiencing soreness due to lactic acid buildup in their muscles

- People new to yoga and who would like assistance understanding and opening their bodies to yogic stretching

- Expectant or nursing mothers with tight shoulders, backs, or hips

- People who are dealing with a lot of job related or emotional stress.

- People who are de-toxing, fasting or recovering from an illness.


Vika Teicher is a certified massage therapist and yoga instructor. Her training includes Thai Massage in northern Thailand and with reknown western teachers Ananda Apfelbaum and Jonas Westring, Holistic Massage Therapy at the World School of Massage, Orthopedic Massage at the Omeri Institute, and Breema Bodywork. She is a certified Interdisciplinary Yoga instructor from the Omega and Nosara Institute and has completed an Anusara Yoga immersion at Yoga Sangha in San Francisco. With over seven years of massage and yoga experience, she integrates her knowledge of Eastern and Western bodywork techniques to create a well-balanced, rejuvenating, and deeply relaxing yoga massage experience. Vika is a founder and co-director of the Thai Massage training program at the Jivaka Healing Center and is currently available to teach Introductory Thai Massage workshops.


"Vika's touch is extraordinary. Her extensive pallate of modalities allows her a wide range of tools to call upon. If I want to be invigorated, the deep stretches of thai massage rouse the most lethargic of my muscles. If I want to leave relaxed, Vika's intuitive and soothing breema-like touch lull me to a dream-like state. Her massage is profoundly healing and I always leave a little closer to myself." - Cherine Badawi, Youth Facilitator

"Iím a massage addict. I've spent the past 30 years trying just about every type of bodywork on the market. For over a year now I've been getting monthly Thai massages from Vika. The benefits from Vika's work are more tangible and longer lasting than anything I've experienced. Each session seems custom designed for where I am in the moment. Sometimes I leave with bright energy and a sweet smile in my step. Other times Iím as mellow as a piece of chocolate thatís melting in the sun. Every time it feels safe, wonderful, and just what I need. Iím totally addicted!Ē - Mike Taigman, Consultant

"Vika is one of the most talented massage therapists in the universe!" - Ryan Eliason, Life Coach

"As a massage therapist, Vika strikes the perfect balance between healing and relaxation. She addresses specific physical problems while remaining attentive to the body's holistic energy. I always feel relaxed, refreshed, and realigned after a session with her." - Sima Belmar, Dancer, Teacher, Journalist

"Thai massage with Vika has increased my flexibility in unimaginable ways - itís taken a solid 4 strokes off of my game. I highly recommend it to any one looking for an edge on the golf course." - Andrew Hodes, Commissioner, S.A.G.A. Golf Association, Montreal


Vika is available for teaching thai massage individually, to couples, and to groups. For more information private or group instruction please email info@thaiyogatherapy.com.